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Welcome to Brucebuds

 "A Family Kinda thing"
Thank you for dropping in and please take some time and browse through the store, and check out our great
hand crafted and beautiful Wristbands, Brucelets and fantastic Necklaces and Key chains and make them special by adding a date of your choice. Also the new BruceBuds Knitted hats in various colours, 
 if that is not enough we also have in stock fantastic #brucebuds "Glow in the dark" wristbands as well as the great ESB and Drive all night Car stickers (I am sure you have all seen the pic of it on Nils wardrobe tour flight case). All with free P&P worldwide too. 

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A date for your dairy's here in the UK Feb 26 an amazing exhibition of the great Jo Lopez's Springsteen show pictures.

#Brucebuds has only one main aim and that is to put smiles on other Brucebuds faces. Being long time fans we love the fact that we are in a position to create, design and make fantastic pieces of jewellery, stickers etc that hopefully make other #brucebuds feel proud to be who we are. Thank you all so much for your amazing support Tony :)


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